My way out

24 October 2015

El suscriptor: Diego Ipince, CEO de JLT Affinity Latam Solutions

I am 56 but I remember the moment I met my lifelong companion at 11, when my dad came up with a motorbike and my mom screamed to high heaven.

Years passed and got married. We became parents and for ten years I put my bike away until a group of friends and I decided to do crazy things once or twice a week, we would climb hills with our bikes. Since then, extreme sports is my passion.

Exactly seven years ago I decided to see the world with my group. First we cross Bolivia and Chile and returned back to Peru. This trip lasted three weeks and we call it the "Diego de Almagro" route. The second trip was "the path of the sun" from Lima to Colombia. The third trip was the most special. We call it "the journey to the end of the world", and the destination was Patagonia. We crossed southern Chile, Argentina and the Strait of Magellan. That part was eight hours sitting in silence.

The fourth trip was from the Pacific to the Atlantic, 8,000 kilometers in three weeks from Lima to Brazil. My next challenge will be to arrive to Russia.

My bike releases tension and stress out and it gives me a sense of freedom. I am the silence, the bike and the landscape for hours. I promised to do extreme sports every Saturday of my life until the body allows me, and I have the opportunity to make more trips because life is too short.